Timeless Kitchen Designs

When remodeling your kitchen in Monmouth County NJ, you want to utilize style and design elements that are as timeless as they are elegant. This room is a center of activity in your home whether you are preparing a nice meal for the family or entertaining for a number of guests. When doing kitchen remodeling, Central New Jersey residents are fortunate to have a number of kitchen and bath stores and contractors to help them along. A kitchen renovation should add functionality to the one you currently have, and the following design tips should also do it in a way that will make this room hold up through the years.

Neutral Colors

When preparing for the painting of your kitchen, it is best to go with a fairly neutral color palette. Colors such as white, beige and gray are good choices that will go with almost any floor, cabinet and counter colors and will give your kitchen an appearance that holds up over time.

Marble, Granite or Quartz Countertops

When it comes to countertops, many homeowners opt for darker granite or marble when they are looking for a step above the usual. These are excellent choices although you may also want to consider quartz. These are frequently lighter colored than granite and may blend in better with the aforementioned neutral colors for the paint in your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

Quality wood cabinets always lend a classy feel to any kitchen. They are available in lighter coloring to match a more subdued kitchen color palette or more of a classic wood finish or even a darker cherry wood. Consider checking out a design showroom for some ideas of what style and color of wood cabinets will look best. Pick whichever ones match the rest of your kitchen, and watch the whole room become a feast for the eyes.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting

Light fixtures are an item commonly addressed when doing a kitchen remodel. In addition to the normal lighting on the ceiling, consider using under cabinet lighting for added illumination of your counter space. You will appreciate this extra light under your kitchen cabinets, and so will any potential home buyers looking at it someday.

Backsplash Tile

You need a material for the backsplash that both looks good and can take the punishment of years of splashes. Tile can fill both of these requirements. It is tough and comes in a variety of color shades and styles to match the rest of your kitchen.

A Kitchen Island

Custom Island

Having the additional counter and storage space of an island in your kitchen never goes out of style. When done right, an island can add a counter, cabinets, drawers, seating and perhaps even room for an appliance. Such an upgrade will be appreciated by you every time you use your kitchen and by any potential buyers if you ever put your home on the market.

Stainless Steel Appliances

The silver-colored appearance of stainless steel appliances will most likely blend well with almost any kitchen color palette. They lend a shiny newness to any kitchen when they are kept clean. If you go this route, make sure to go all the way with the oven, range, refrigerator, and microwave for a uniform look that will never go out of style.

Create a Kitchen That Is Timeless and Stylish

You have complete control over your kitchen renovation, so you may as well do it right. When doing a kitchen remodeling Monmouth County residents have many sources of inspiration within a close distance. You can visit a design showroom to get inspiration for your own project, so you can get more pointers on how to create a new kitchen that beautifully accentuates your home while also standing the test of time.

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