Pricing to Fit All Budgets

Home renovations are known for being pricey, and this is probably even more accurate when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. This is the most complex room in any home as far as all the separate elements it contains such as plumbing, appliances, cabinetry, countertops and fixtures together with the flooring and walls that are common to all other rooms in your home. When you don’t have as large a budget as you’d like to get the job done, it’s important to find ways to cut your budget without compromising too much on what you want the end product to look like.

Decide What You Really Want From Your Kitchen Renovation

A number of factors can go into figuring out what you’d like to achieve with your new kitchen project. Perhaps you don’t need to redo the entire thing. If your cabinets are still in decent shape, for example, but are maybe just a little worn, you might consider having them refinished rather than replaced. This way, you’ll save money in this part of the renovation and have more for parts that really need it.

You want to keep your neighborhood and the value of your home in mind when deciding how much to change in your kitchen. It’s true that kitchen remodeling is known for giving the best return on investment in terms of adding value to a home. That being said, if the rest of your house is fairly old and dated or you live in a neighborhood where quartz countertops are not exactly commonplace, you may not get too much home value boost from going overboard on the renovation.

Plan out Your Renovation as Far as What’s Needed and Where It Will Go

Remember that a kitchen renovation is not like buying a sweater where if you later decide it’s ugly, you can just donate it to Goodwill. You’re going to have to live with a kitchen renovation for a good long time, so planning will be a bit more important here than in many smaller decisions. Visualize your new kitchen by drawing it out in terms of what goes where. You can try using graph paper, so you’ll have grids that you can assign a measurement to as far as each grid equaling how many inches. Visually laying it all out like this will help you with your budgeting as well. It will keep you from forgetting any parts of your remodel since a missing item may stick out better visually than when it’s on a list.

Adding up Expenses and Making Cost-Saving Substitutions

Let’s say you’ve visualized your renovation and then written up a list of all the things you’ll need to complete it and the total cost for all of these items. The first obvious question after doing all of this is whether you can afford it as planned. If not, you’ll need to see if there are places where you can make some cost-saving substitutions. If you were planning on quartz countertops but they just don’t fit in your budget, then maybe you’ll either have to make a less extravagant material choice or save up a little more money before starting the renovation.

Help With Your Renovation With Pricing for All Budgets

If you live in or near Monmouth County, New Jersey, our team at Kitchen Krafter can help you save money on your kitchen renovation. We have a wide array of design services that, as our name implies, include kitchen remodeling as one of our specialties. We realize that not all homeowners start a project like this with the same resources, which is why we offer design services and product choices to fit various budgets. We have the knowledge and experience to point out places where you might be able to make design and product choice substitutions that will cut your costs but will minimally impact your final dream kitchen design. Don’t try to go it alone when our expert help is a phone call away.

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