When You Want a Modern and Classic Bathroom

When remodeling your bathroom, the look you are going for is important both for your use and enjoyment of this room and its effect on the value of your home. Unless this is your forever home, you may want to incorporate timeless design styles into any bathroom you are renovating. A combination of modern and classic styles can be excellent for accomplishing this.

How Much Room Do You Have?

The biggest determining factor in what you can do with a room is often how much space you’ve got to work with. Is this a large master bathroom in a fairly large house that you’re remaking or updating, or is it a powder room? Obviously, there will be more options for statement pieces that stick out in a large full bath such as a freestanding bathtub. That being said, it doesn’t take an enormous space to update a bathroom’s look with a more modern and yet elegant appeal. There will still be options with the vanity, and wall-mounted items such as mirrors and lighting in even the smallest bathrooms. 

Design Elements for a Modern Classic Bathroom

Make Your Bath Area or Vanity the Centerpiece

As important as the toilet is to our daily lives, it’s the last thing you want to immediately draw a visitor’s gaze to upon entering this room. If you have the room for separate tub and shower areas, a freestanding or clawfoot tub can make a standout addition to your master bath. They give a classic feel but will also work in a more modern bathroom. You can still get the job done with an elegantly implemented shower and tub combination in a full bathroom of nearly any size.

The vanity area is another place to make the centerpiece of a remodel. If you have the space and the budget, a vanity with two basins can provide a modern his-and-hers convenience while a marble countertop can give it a luxurious elegance. Don’t forget about your storage needs in this room as well. A row of drawers or cabinets underneath a decent-sized vanity can be painted to match the coloring of your walls and floors. The right fixtures can complement all of these elements but more on those next.

Fixtures Can Make a Huge Difference

Fixtures have the wonderful aspect of being able to markedly impact the look of a room without similarly impacting your wallet. For just one example, a combination of gold-colored, pillar-style taps can be combined with a couple of gold-trimmed mirrors over a double-sink vanity for a beautiful and practical area. Don’t forget those drawer pulls or cabinets handles when it comes to matching colors and styles with the rest of the room.

Walls and Flooring

Tile and grout are a time-tested combination for bathrooms since they are waterproof and easy to clean. For a timeless look, you’ll want to stick to neutral gray, beige or off-white colors. This will give the room tiles for the floors and perhaps parts of the walls that will also match any future remodeling of other design elements. You should use a neutral paint color or wallpaper for untiled portions of the walls.

Bathroom Design Professionals in Ocean Township

Depending on how extensive it is, remodeling any room in your home is no small task. At Kitchen Krafter, we understand this. Our team of designers and product selection experts have been helping Monmouth County homeowners with their kitchen and bathroom redesigns for years. We listen to what you are trying to achieve from renovating your bathroom, kitchen or practically any other room in your home. If you are trying to go for a timeless, classic look in your bathroom while staying true to modern design styles, we have the designers and the tile, countertop, cabinet, flooring, plumbing and lighting fixture, and vanity product selections to make the changes you want for the budget you set.

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