Any home remodeling project requires meticulous planning, and this is especially true of a kitchen renovation in Monmouth County. At Kitchen Krafter, we know that retaining the services of a skilled designer is necessary for coordinating a complete remodeling project without going over your budget.

Once you have a professional designer for your project, you’ll still need to know what issues to ask about in order to achieve maximum satisfaction with the finished result. Our team of design experts has come up with the following questions.

What Will Be the Most Efficient Kitchen Layout?

Determining the optimal layout for your kitchen is one area where you may want to listen to a design professional. Our team at Kitchen Krafter has designed many kitchens, so your project won’t be our “first rodeo" as the saying goes. Feel free to ask our designers for suggestions on how to maximize the available space and make your life easier when using your kitchen.

Let us know how you use your kitchen. Is it only for cooking or is it a frequent family meeting area? We might suggest putting in an island if you have a big family that gathers regularly in the kitchen in order to ensure room for everyone.

We can also give input on where to place appliances and other kitchen elements. This will minimize running from one end of the kitchen to the other while preparing meals. Kitchen remodeling is known for increasing the value of a home, and done right, it will also increase your enjoyment in using this popular space in your home.

How Much Counter and Cabinet Space Should I Have?

Counter space is a huge consideration when doing a kitchen remodel, so feel free to pick our brains as to any helpful suggestions we can make. If you have a larger family, you’ll need more room for multiple people to be preparing meals before going off to school or work. Also, don’t forget space for appliances such as a microwave or toaster oven. You’ll also have to decide on the material for your countertops and whether this might be an area to splurge for a bit of luxury with marble or quartz.

You’ll need sufficient food storage also, so cabinet space is important. In addition to sufficient cabinetry, you’ll also want it to match the appearance of the countertops and other elements of the kitchen.

What Type of Lighting Should I Have Installed?

Lighting options abound for your new kitchen. Our designers can offer invaluable input for lighting that serves your needs while not busting your budget. You can go for more natural lighting by having a window installed or enlarged if you’re doing a more extravagant remodel. Additionally, we can suggest the most appropriate lighting solution for a given setup whether that be pendant lights, cabinet uplighting, track lighting, under-cabinet rope lights or any of a number of other options.

What Are Some Popular Kitchen Design Styles?

At Kitchen Krafter, we have an extensive kitchen remodeling gallery right on our website to give you ideas and inspiration. They include some popular design elements such as materials and colors of cabinets, flooring and counters, and our designers can discuss with you how these might be incorporated into your remodel.

Confidence Comes From Knowledge

The above questions can provide you with an important starting point for getting the kitchen you want from your remodeling project. The kitchen is the most important room in your home, and doing a major redesign requires planning by someone who knows what they’re doing. Working with professional designers, such as our experienced team at Kitchen Krafter, will bring you the results you want within the budget you set.

From our Ocean Township location, we have served customers throughout Monmouth County and the surrounding area. With pricing to fit all budgets and designers who are experienced at transforming any room in your home into your ideal space, we’re just a phone call away for you to ask us any questions to begin your home remodel project.

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