At Kitchen Krafter, we have been helping Monmouth County residents with their kitchen and bath remodeling needs for decades. Many of the projects we undertake for customers just like you are with the aim of improving the enjoyment of a home today while also increasing its resale value when your thoughts turn toward selling your home. Below are a few tips on how you can improve the value of your home, and some of these you may be able to do on your own.

1. Consider a Kitchen Remodeling Project

For maximum return on investment, no home remodeling project beats a kitchen renovation. Even small improvements such as a fresh coat of paint can add value to this room and your house. Keep the idea of improving your home’s value in mind when you make changes to this room. Undermount sinks are more in demand today than drop-sinks, and stainless steel is definitely the way to go with any appliance upgrades. At Kitchen Krafter, we have a wide selection of flooring and cabinetry available for you to consider when developing kitchen remodeling ideas.

2. Bathroom Renovations are Key

Bathrooms have become more about relaxation rather than simply functionality. When prospective buyers look at your bathroom, they want to see an inviting space. Replacing overhead lights with wall-mounted lighting increases the value and warmth of this room. A shower upgrade that includes body sprays and stone surround tile will transform this space into your own personal spa that you will also be able to enjoy until you sell your home. You should also consider a granite or marble countertop for the vanity in your bathroom renovation.

3. Don’t Take On More Than You Can Handle

When you look around your home, you may see numerous home improvement projects you want to undertake to increase your own enjoyment of your home that will also boost its value. Avoid feeling overwhelmed by making a list of improvements you’d like to do and prioritizing them in terms of importance, cost and time involved. If you know you have this coming weekend free, you can work on something you know you can complete in that time. Simple things such as painting or light landscaping you may be able to handle yourself. Bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects you should leave to experienced hands to ensure the job is done right.

4. Make Sure the Exterior “Wows" the Crowd

Curb appeal is extremely important when it comes to selling your home. It’s the old adage about how you only have one chance to make a good first impression, and seeing it from the street as they drive up is the first view anyone will have of your home. You may want to paint the exterior of your house if it needs it. Also, take a look at your front door. Painting or refinishing it if it looks worn may be a good idea. Keeping your lawn mowed and having attractive flowers and bushes out front are also key to increase curb appeal.

5. Small Improvements Really Make a Difference

Sometimes small improvements can make a big impression on a potential home buyer. A new faucet in your kitchen or bathroom sink or nice looking lighting fixtures are not expensive items to handle but can make these rooms look better. Things such as attractive window treatments and other home décor will make a positive impression on a prospective buyer despite the fact that you’d be taking these things with you when you leave.

We’re Here for Your Major Home Improvement Projects

For major projects, such as a kitchen or bathroom renovation, it’s nice to know that there’s a professional home improvement company that you can rely on to help you increase the value of your home. At Kitchen Krafter, we’ve been serving the residents of Monmouth County for decades with kitchen and bath designs that are second to none. From our Ocean Township location, our company and kitchen showroom are convenient to you whether you live in Oakhurst, Middletown, or Asbury Park. Whatever room or rooms you are looking to transform in your home, please contact us, so we can show you what we can do for you. We have the knowledge and experience to get jobs done right the first time, and we get maximum results for you within your budget.

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