At Kitchen Krafters, we pride ourselves in offering our customers the finest in custom cabinets for any room in their home in Monmouth County NJ. Located in Ocean Township, we serve homeowners throughout Monmouth County who desire cabinetry at any budget. As a premier kitchen and bath design firm in this part of New Jersey, we can show you all your options in order to maximize your budget while providing you the best in custom or stock cabinets for your kitchen & bath remodel.

We can install cabinets in any room of your home. The kitchen is one of the most common rooms for cabinet upgrades, but you may have other ideas. Perhaps you’re looking to expand the amount of aesthetically pleasing storage space in the basement, laundry room, or bathroom. Maybe you’ve added a wet bar or other feature to your living room in order to expand your entertaining options, and some custom cabinets would be an attractive storage option.

Cabinets Influence the Look of Your Entire Monmouth County Kitchen

When most of us think of cabinets, the kitchen is typically the first room that comes to mind. While you might have a few in one or two other rooms in the house, this is where their presence is predominant. Any good kitchen is fairly replete with cabinets in order to provide the easily accessible storage space that most of us need and want in this room.

Visually, your cabinets will probably dominate any other single element in your kitchen. This is why it’s important that they be exactly what you are looking for. In the event that you desire specific countertops, flooring and other items in your kitchen, you will want cabinets that flow with these other design elements.

Any Cabinets for Any Room

Depending on your budget, either custom cabinets or stock cabinets will be the most desirable and affordable option. If it’s stock cabinets that you need or want, we have a wide selection available for you to choose from, so you still won’t feel like you are compromising at all by not going with custom cabinets. If you do decide to go the customized route, we will offer the exact type of wood, color, finish, design and location within the room that you desire. The options available to you are effectively only limited by your imagination.

We Work With Homeowners in New Jersey

At Kitchen Krafters, we have a thorough process we follow because it results in getting you what you want at the minimum cost. This is how we are able to work within any budget. Our process starts with taking accurate measurements, so you know your cabinets will fit precisely wherever you wish the installer to put them. We are in constant communication with you throughout the process until the work is done. Our dedication to our craft is why our website is replete with testimonials from satisfied customers who are elated at how we have transformed their homes.