In most homes, the kitchen is where you will find most of the cabinetry. This will be followed by the bathroom where you may have one under the vanity and perhaps another one or two for additional storage. Sometimes, though, you find yourself needing them in other rooms and areas of your home that also require storage solutions. They are perfect for storage since they come in a wide variety of wood, finishes, colors and designs, so they can aesthetically match other elements in any room they are installed in.

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Mud Rooms

Your home might have a small room between the front door and the rest of the house where you and guests can remove coats, muddy shoes and store umbrellas before proceeding into the rest of the house. This mud room is an ideal place for a couple cabinets along with several hooks to hang up coats. A storage bench would be a good idea as well since this gives you, and any house guests, a place to sit while removing your shoes and anything else. You have the option of storage benches that are movable pieces of furniture or built-ins.

Home Bars

A wet bar can be a fun addition to any home for entertaining purposes. You may have friends over every now and then, and a bar in a corner of the living room can enable you to mix drinks while staying in the thick of the conversation. Some cabinets will be needed to hold the alcohol, ingredients, glasses, snacks and anything else desired.

A Finished Basement or Garage

Some people may not need their garage for a car and so have turned it into an extra room such as a home office or additional living space. The same thing might be possible with your basement. In this event, you may need some cabinets in there that match the other design elements in the room while giving you the needed storage space.

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Wherever you need cabinetry installed, Kitchen Krafter is here to get the job done for you. Based in Ocean Township, New Jersey, we have installed built-ins to complement any existing storage space you may have. Our storage solutions are practical and as fancy or affordable as you desire. We will work within any budget you have and get you the most out of it.

Numerous customers that we have done work for throughout this part of New Jersey have left glowing testimonials about what we have accomplished for them. Whether you need cabinetry for mud rooms, home bars, your garage, basement, outdoors, or anyplace else, we will handle the job for you, and get it done quickly and within your budget.

Miscellaneous Storage Solutions