After a long week at work, you probably enjoy relaxing at home on your weekends. In the summer months, a pool with a cabana can be a favorite hangout spot at home. It's also a great focal point where friends, family, and other guests can take a dip in the pool while enjoying the amenities the cabana has to offer.

Cabanas can, of course, vary widely in size and in how well laid out they are. Some are fairly simple setups with a bar, small refrigerator, and a few chairs. Others may be a big entertaining hub and are replete with an outdoor kitchen and other amenities. Whatever the layout of yours is like, you will need aesthetic storage solutions, and this is where cabinets come into play.

Custom Cabinets for Cabanas

Since these will be outdoors, it is important that they be more resilient in standing up to the elements compared to those that you might have inside your house in the kitchen or bathroom. At Kitchen Krafter, we are all about bringing you the perfect storage solutions whether for indoor or outdoor storage.

Located in Ocean Township, we serve customers throughout Monmouth County. We can have cabinets that match your exact desires installed. They can be of any wood and color, so they will match your cabanas other design elements perfectly. The finish on them will be particularly important since some cabanas are fairly open to the weather and will need to be more durable than most.

You may have a fairly large and well-enclosed pool house, and this will change your needs as far as the quantity and type of cabinetry you desire. We can install custom cabinets or standard cabinets. This means we can provide a perfect fit for any budget you are willing or able to devote to this home improvement project.

Your Cabana Cabinetry Design & Installation Experts

At Kitchen Krafter, we have served many customers and have numerous positive testimonials of what we have done for them. We can handle kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, library or home office designs, and we can even remake cabanas and pool houses into your personal, convenient, stress-free abode away from the workaday world.

We start by getting to know exactly what you want us to do, and then we take precise measurements, so we know everything will fit together as it should. Our installers put everything in, and we remain in communication with you throughout the process, so you are in the loop as far as our progress and when we’ll be finished. We know that remodeling can be a bother while it is underway. For this reason, we strive to get the job done quickly, competently and within any budget you set, so you can be enjoying the results of the remodeling work.