Bring the NJ Sunlight Into Your Home

If you own a home near the Jersey Shore area of New Jersey, you are probably enjoying the wonderful summer weather. You may also be thinking of ways to get more of that bright, beautiful sunlight into your home. There are many rooms that can be addressed to accomplish this including the kitchen and bath. Subtle home design changes that can incorporate Monmouth County kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling concepts can make your home brighter and more enjoyable.

Have More Windows Installed

This is the most obvious move you will think of when trying to come up with ways to bring more sunlight into your home. There may be areas that already have plenty of windows, so determining where to add windows is the biggest question.

One room that typically has fewer windows than others is the kitchen. Some of the wall space is required for the refrigerator and the backsplash behind the stove. The need for cabinets to line much of the rest of the walls will also reduce space for windows.

One good place for windows in the kitchen is behind the sink. You can free up a little space to the left and right of the sink by removing a couple cabinets to fit a couple more windows. If this leaves you with insufficient storage space, consider having an island added, which can add drawers, cabinets, and countertops to the room giving you a win-win situation.

Have Skylights Installed

Skylights are another way to bring sunlight into any room. These are probably best utilized in rooms where space for windows is at a premium or where windows are impractical. The kitchen is a perfect example of the first such room and the bathroom is a good example of the latter. When you’re in your bathroom, you definitely want privacy, so windows are a non-starter there. A skylight, however, is an excellent way to bring natural light into this room.

Use Glass Doors

Some homes have a wooden door with a small vertical column of small windows flanking it on either side or a few small windows in a row above the door. If your home lacks this feature, you may want to have them installed to add more light to your entryway and to any other location that may have a separate door such as the kitchen.

You may even want to take this concept a step further by having a glass door installed. Even if you wish to keep a wooden door at the main entryway to maintain a desired look for the front of the house, a glass door may work for a back door. Such a door, that may be off a living room or kitchen, will let more natural light in either of these rooms.

Hang More Mirrors

This strategy can work well for a living room where a large mirror can reflect natural light coming in from any windows or a back door. The bathroom would also be good for a mirror since you probably have one in front of the sink and vanity anyway. You may just think about getting a larger one here.

Take Down Walls

Taking down walls can really give a wide-open feeling to any room. Removing any wall between the kitchen and dining room is a popular choice as this opens up one large space for the preparation and eating of meals.

At Kitchen Krafter, we are proud to offer the above home design tips that can help you bring much needed natural lighting into your home. Perhaps you want to do a whole home remodel or just make some kitchen design or bathroom design changes. We are located conveniently for Central Jersey residents. With our full-service design center and retail showroom, we are ready to help you do what’s needed to brighten up your beautiful home.

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