Aging in place is a concept that is increasingly taking root in home designs and remodels today. It basically calls for taking into account the fact that we all get older and that our homes should be made to accommodate people of varied ages. Traditionally, you would live in a big home while raising a family, and then, after they have gone off on their own, you would downsize to a smaller home that is more adapted to senior living.

More architects and home builders are adopting the concept of building homes that you can live in throughout your entire life in terms of remaining useful to you as you get older. These types of designs are also good if you are younger but have parents that are seniors living with you. In addition to homes being designed for added convenience to multiple generations, home remodeling that makes your current house friendlier for seniors is also on the rise.

How to Make Aging in Place a Reality

Examples of this design philosophy include having bright lighting abundant throughout the home since our vision tends to fade as we get older. Wide open hallways that can accommodate wheelchairs are another example. An open floor plan in general can help since our hearing tends to go as we get older, and open plans enable you to see others more easily.

The Kitchen and Bathroom Are Particularly Important

These two rooms are probably the most important in the home as far as making them more comfortable and usable for the elderly. It is possible to remodel a kitchen or renovate a bathroom in a way that makes it perfectly adaptable for the desires of the young and the needs of the old.

A Kitchen Design That’s Friendly for the Elderly

As you get older, it becomes harder to reach up and to the back of deep cabinets. Cabinets that are mounted lower or that come with pull-out shelves can help tremendously. Arthritis is a common problem as you age, so a twist-free faucet handle that you can simply push up and pull down is very helpful.

Another consideration regarding the sink is to leave some space beneath it, so someone in a wheelchair can pull right up to use it easily. A fairly shallow sink can also help in this regard. Appliances that incorporate universal design concepts are important to the use of this room as well. Refrigerators with long door handles give you many places at which to grab it.

A Safe Bathroom

Slipping and falling is a big concern when you are elderly or if you have an elderly parent living with you. A slip resistant surface on the bathroom floor and on the floor of the bathtub are both critical. Because you experience less flexibility as you age, a walk-in tub is a nice touch to keep you from having to step over the high side of a conventional bathtub. Having the bathroom be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair is critical.

Transforming Your Home to Make it Last a Lifetime

For residents of Monmouth County, New Jersey, Kitchen Krafter is a kitchen and bath home remodeling company based in Ocean Township. We can remodel your home into one that contains universal design elements. Few of us wish to go to a home for the elderly when we get to that age where assisted living needs to become a consideration. The concept of aging in place can allow you to update your own home to keep it your home for as long as possible.

At Kitchen Krafter, we can do all of the above and more to make your home friendly for family of all generations. Perhaps you may wish to sell your home anyway when you get older. Doing this, though, should be an option and not a necessity. Let us enable you to keep your living options open for as long as you desire.