If you’re like most Americans, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Your friends at Kitchen Krafter, the kitchen and bathroom renovation experts in Monmouth County, New Jersey, know that you want this time to be as enjoyable as possible. This will be influenced, in part, by the seating you choose for this room. You want it to look good, but it also needs to be comfortable. The following options include some common styles for kitchen seating that you may want to consider.

You Might Try Armchairs

Homes are bigger today than a few decades ago, which leaves more room for kitchen design and seating options. Your home might have an area for a breakfast nook, and this is a perfect place for a small table that you can surround with two or three armchairs. They will give this area a warm look while also giving you a comfortable place to sit when eating small or quick meals for which the formal dining room would be overkill.

It’s Hard to Beat a Booth for Small Spaces

There is a reason that booths are common in restaurants. They do cram an impressive amount of seating into a small area. If you are having a kitchen renovation done anyway, you may want to ask your kitchen remodeling contractors how much it would cost to bump out a wall and create a long enough space to put a table that you can surround with booth seating. Having a window at the end of this area would also give you a nice bright and cheery area to eat when starting your day.

Consider Avoiding Stools for That Raised Island Bar

Many homeowners have an island that has a countertop that’s extended out over the structure underneath. This, of course, creates room for people’s legs when you wish to put seating at one end of the island. This type of raised bar setup will make many homeowners limit their imagination to bar stools when thinking about the choice of the actual seating. Consider expanding your imagination to include the option of raised bar seating that has a back to it and maybe even some arm support. Stools may be cheap but they have no back support and are not comfortable for anything but short duration sitting.

The Banquette Seating Option

This is similar to a booth seating area only it’s typically more open. Whereas a booth has bench seating on both sides of a table, banquette seating might have a bench on one side and maybe a chair or two on the other side of the table. Beyond its seating space efficiency, adding drawers underneath or hinged seating to the booth portion of the Banquette setup can also give you additional kitchen storage space.

Need Help With Your Monmouth County Kitchen Renovation?

You should realize that kitchen remodeling is a major undertaking. Before starting such a project, you should check into getting help from a kitchen remodeling company. At Kitchen Krafter, our talented designers have done Monmouth County kitchen renovations for kitchens of all sizes and for homeowners with widely varying budgets. We are also your Monmouth County bathroom renovation experts, or we can transform your laundry room, home office or any other space you wish.

We talk to you and get to know what you want out of any living space you have us transform for you. We’ll then deliver maximum value for your budget. Whether you are looking for new cabinetry and storage, a handicapped kitchen, a kosher kitchen, or an extended island or nook for a new seating area, we can design your ideal space to give you the seating and other options you desire. Please contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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