Our kitchen and bath design team at Kitchen Krafter stays on top of the latest trends when it comes to remodeling kitchens and bathrooms for our customers in and around Monmouth County. There are certain design elements that are so practical or popular that it’s a safe bet they’ll be around for the long haul, and the following trends are definitely included in this.

  • Colorful Kitchen Cabinets When it comes to kitchen color schemes, if you’re bored of white, you’re not alone. Blue cabinets and drawer fronts are a popular choice for added color.

  • Quartz Over Granite With its nearly indestructible nature, quartz is increasingly preferred over the more porous granite, and there’s no reason that should change.

quartz is increasingly preferred

  • Open Kitchen Designs Gone are the days of having a kitchen closed off from the dining room. People want to be able to talk to guests while preparing food, which makes open layouts essential.

  • Induction Cooking With its utilization of less energy and increased safety over conventional heating, induction cooking is win-win for the environment and your home.

  • Kitchen Tech Is Here to Stay From smart crock-pots that enable you to check their temperature from your phone at work to refrigerators with speed chilling and giant touch screens, tech is forever.

  • Islands Won’t Go out of Style These are great for extra counter and storage space, and if you work out any plumbing complexities, you may get an extra sink out of it too.

  • Deep Drawers More storage space can be invaluable especially close to your range. Beyond cabinets and drawers that are wider or taller, you can also go deep for more room.

  • Thoughtful Ceiling Design Ceiling treatments that complement other design elements in your kitchen can bring the whole room together.

  • Subway Tile for Backsplashes These are popular because they look clean and they’re easy to clean. They also fit most décor and can provide a stylish base for other tile accents.

  • Modern Lighting With LED Need more light under your cabinetry or overhead? These modern, efficient lights are eco-friendly and outlast other bulbs.

  • Unique Sinks The sink is where you spend a lot of meal prep time, and increasing numbers of those remodeling their kitchen want theirs to stand out from the ordinary.

Cuisine Ideal Kitchens

  • Open Shelving More homeowners are opting for shelves rather than cabinets in the upper spaces in their kitchen.

  • Polished Silver Is Forever When it comes to faucets, cabinet pulls and other fixtures and hardware, many finishes trend one year and are gone the next, but polished silver stands the test of time.

  • Timeless Kitchen Flooring Wood flooring, or at least flooring that looks like wood, is an enduring classic for the kitchen. You can get porcelain planks in a wood style that’ll be a breeze to maintain.

  • Large Sinks While unique sinks were mentioned, big sinks are a particular item of interest within this category. Size can make up for a lack of design flair when there are lots of dishes to do.

  • Appliances Moved Under the Counters To keep upper spaces in the kitchen open for other design considerations, many homeowners are attracted to the idea of appliances that fit under counters.

  • Stainless Steel Appliances This continues to be a popular choice for people who are updating their appliances during a kitchen remodel since they go so well with a wide array of designs and décors.

  • An Island for Extra Seating An island was mentioned earlier for extra counter space and storage but extending that counter space over the edge of the cabinetry below will also give you more seating.

  • Less Cluttered Look Keeping countertops clear of smaller appliances and accessories provides an open workspace and an attractive aesthetic appeal.

Timeless Inspiration for Your Ideal Kitchen

Our team at Kitchen Krafter hopes you found the above list interesting and that it gives you some ideas for your kitchen remodeling project. As kitchen and bath design professionals, we can help guide you through your remodel with excellent designs and product selections that fit your budget. If you’re in the Monmouth County area, please contact us at your earliest convenience, and we’ll see what we can do to help you get your dream kitchen.

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